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The Stones Will Call (2023)

The history of Barcelona is the history of its barricades. The story of a struggle between the urban planners, who designed a public space in the service of power, and the anonymous people who erected barricades to defend their homes. Delving deeper into the living laboratory that became the modern city, in its ephemeral narrative, in its battle aesthetics, in its theatrical emergence, is a way of understanding the heartbeat of the territory and those who inhabit it.


With this project, Urati laboratory starts a cycle entitled "Poetic resistance / Poetic violence", where the aim is to analyze the theatrical dynamics present both in the forms of popular protest and institutional repression.



Within Despertalab, we work on the Cridaran les pedres project, which seeks to delve deeper into the barricades as a scenic device to understand their scenographic role in the city when order is subverted.

Scenography and authorship: Urati laboratory
Concept, staging, lights: Albert Chamorro
Visual and graphic design: Marta Lofi
Sound design: Sergio Camacho
Interpretation: Esmeralda Colette
Creative production: Roser Casamayor
Artistic accompaniment: Núria Güell
With the support of Nau Ivanow (Beca DespertaLab 2023), Sala Atrium and Cal Gras.

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