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cemento enfermo


Tales of the Sick Cement (2023)

The history of territories is made up of two elements: the bodies that transit it and the spaces that inhabit them. This is what we observe when we delve deeper into the memory of a territory such as La Marina. In Relatos del cemento enfermo we propose a scenic investigation to delve into the past, present and future of this territory, while capturing the traces left by its social struggles and the traces of its resistance movements.

Relatos del cemento enfermo is an itinerant installation, designed as a confessional without a temple, which over the course of several days traveled through different spaces of La Marina, capturing memories and traces. An artifact that collected, from the poetic accounts of its inhabitants and the soundscapes extracted from the neighborhood's memory, the testimony of a space in constant transformation.



Scenography and authorship: Urati laboratory

Concept, light: Albert Chamorro

Word: Roser Casamayor

Sound art and technology: Sergio Camacho

Visual and graphic art: Marta Lofi

Production: Urati laboratory

With the support of: Graner - Center for the creation of dance and living arts, Montjuïc Castle-Beca Montjuïc Crea 23, Viu Montjuïc Festival, Generalitat de Catalunya - Department of Culture and Nau Ivanow.


With the collaboration of: La Marina Community Development Plan, La Cadena Civic Centre, Feminist Laundry, Casa del Relotge Civic Center and Francesc Candel Library.


Relatos del cemento enfermo is born from the Graner's impulse, as part of its Boombeta 2023 program, cycle of artistic proposals in the La Marina neighborhood.

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